I started my carving hobby in 2002 when I took an interesting and instructive introduction to the art of wood carving with David Bruce Johnson, the instructor. This was a great experience and as you can see David is a master woodcarver and an extraordinary artist working in both wood and stone. This is my certificate.

Carving Certificate

I immediately joined the Outaouais Wood Carvers (OWC) and was an active member for several years. Great club, super group of friendly, sharing, caring woodcarvers.

The woodcarvers in the OWC inspired me to sign up for a rocking horse carving class in 2004.

At the time Gordon Brown ran The Rocking Horse Carving School through Gordon`s Wood Crafts. This was probably the hardest week I have ever worked. There were supposed to be 4 student carvers enrolled in this class. One had to withdraw and because the other two were buddies, when one of them got sick they both withdrew from the class. This left me as the only student and thanks to Gordon’s generosity he took me on as a student for the whole week. It`s not often you get one-on-one instruction like this. I developed a great rapport with Gordon and together we had a fabulous week chopping, chipping and carving. Towards the end of the fifth and final day Gordon said matter-of-factly “I think I must have worn you out this week!  I scoffed at such a notion saying “No way! How do you figure that?”  He responded noting “The size of your carving chips are getting smaller and smaller.” I was pooped!

Needless to say I enjoyed myself immensely and came home with an almost fully carved solid wood medium sized rocking horse. It took me nearly 3-1/2 years to complete the last of the finishing, painting and build the the oak glider. My certificate from Gordon`s Wood Crafts is shown here.

Rocking Horse Carving Certificate

I am a father of four daughters who have blessed me with no less than eight grandchildren. So I have had lots of opportunity to carve and build rocking horses for all of them. Recently I have had a couple of opportunities to display my rocking horses for sale. A couple of recent enquiries about my rocking horses have prompted me to create this site where I can share my wood carving experiences, horses and projects with you. MyArtRocks is my special place for doing just that.

Developing this site further encouraged me to become a member of The Guild of Rocking Horse Makers . You can view my Certificate of Membership here.

Certificate of membership

In addition to all my woodwork and carving I am an artists painting my rocking horses, creating my art work and teaching art classes. Can read and see more about my art here  and here




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